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We are first and foremost publishers of true stories. We invite you to go to our main website and read many of the wonderful stories about people, just like you and me . . . people who may not have a book in them, but definitely have stories to share. Some of our stories are told through artwork, photography and yes even jewelry making.

One of our authors, who is also an aromatherapist will be offering one of her discoveries she found throughout her travels . . . a wonderful rose perfume. This is a fragrance that she distills herself, manufactures herself and until now was a guarded secret. She is now ready to share it to the world through us. Her story will be ready early 2004.

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If you have an empty easel or space on the wall, check out our art gallery and put that special piece of art on your easel or wall.

First 100 books of Passing on the Spirit and Winston Churchill's Bodyguard will be signed personally by the authors.

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